Team Info

Regulation and team info

Each National Organisation has the right to nominate competitors and to send the entries to the organizer by May 31st, 2020 at the latest. The registration for the competition will be open later in the spring.

Team leaders of the countries will send an information email to the organizer after which they will receive a confirmation of registration and an entry form.

If countries decide to have a selection process, this must be open to all dogs (with or without pedigree). Each country can enter maximum 28 dogs, with a maximum of 12 dogs in any category. The hosting country is entitled to enter an extra team in each height category.

FCI JOAWC Categories

  • U12 – born 2009 or later
  • U15 – born 2006–2008
  • U19 – born 2002–2005

It is the year in which the handler has a birthday that is taken into account, not the actual date of birth.

FCI JOAWC - individuals

The Individual competition is held in the categories Large, Medium and Small divided into U12, U15 and U19. There are two rounds (jumping and agility). The second round is run in the reversed order according to the results from the first round. The winner is the one with the best total result from both rounds and will gain the title "JO AWC 2020 Winner" U12, U15 or U19 respectively in each height category.

FCI JOAWC - teams

The Team competition (mixed U12, U15 and U19) is held in the categories Large, Medium and Small. The teams in all three categories consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 dogs. There are two rounds in this competition. The first one is the Jumping round, the second the Agility round. The 3 best results of each team will count. The team with the best overall result will gain the title "JO AWC 2020 Winner in Team", and this in the three different height categories.

Veterinary Inspection and Identity Check

During the attendance check the identity of each dog will be checked. All competitors must hand over a record book or a license issued by a National Organisation. Each competitor will submit a document with his/her photograph confirming the date of birth.

The dogs that fail the veterinary inspection are not allowed to take part in either practice or the competition.

All S- and M-dogs which have not been measured at previous FCI World Championships, European Open or Junior European Open will be measured to check whether the dog is entered in the correct category. Dogs entered in the wrong category will be removed from the competition.

Vaccination regulations, valid as of 1.2.2020:

Kindly notice that the Finnish Kennel Club requires vaccinations and antibody testing results are not accepted.


The competition will take place on a natural grass field.

During training it is not possible to re-set up obstacles -they can, however, be adjusted to the different height categories.

After each run the dog’s chip number will be checked.

Please notice that the competition is non-alcoholic and non-smoking event.

Regulation FCI JOAWC2020 - please read carefully

Regulation JOAWC2020.pdf